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My Knitta's

have all picked out their needles and end pieces for the stop cap.

They were knitting when I came in today!

One of them brought yarn from home, and another brought a knitting rake his mom gave him, he's halfway through the scarf now. He's the fingers in the picture earlier by the way. Definitely a recruit.

Next week we'll start casting on and memorizing the knitting rhyme.
We are going to start with squares for a blanket or for blocks.

I need to think about how to explain gauge to them. Input on this is welcomed.

I'll paint the ceiling

With Paint.

I've been decorating my house in my head, picking out paint schemes and faux options for the boys rooms. See, I said rooms. I was wanting lino for my kitchen floor but, Raul likes tile. The idea of changing the munchkin's shorts any place except my bed is soooo attractive, you have no idea. And if you do, I feel for you too.

I've also checked into the local catholic schools, and parishes and the high school, tuition is a lot less, with more options for lower income families, or at least it is clearer on the site.

The local burger joints seem nice.

Look out T.A.K.E.

We have a new recruit!

This morning there were fewer people who needed assistance and they even jumped up, to teach each other. They were also able to talk me through the slip knot as a group!

We were able to discuss knitted items that we wore or had in the class room. There were no knitting related tears!

I have almost finished dyeing the needles and will sand and finish them next week after the kids choose toppers.

I'll be teaching them the sheepy version of the rhyme for knitting. I wonder if I could get those rubbery bracelets with the steps?

This is so exciting!
I have mailed off the free three credit bureau report requests. It took me forever.

I am trying to look forward to getting them back as another completed step, rather than an impending harbinger of the doom of my home ownership.

Bob is content to eat cut up fruit and play peekaboo.

Finger knitting

is not for the faint of heart.

I have completed lesson two. I am happy to say that everyone moved more smoothly through the slip knot and 'casting on' to their fingers. While I wouldn't say they were confident yet, I think by the end of next week some of them will be able to teach this to others. Clearly, they are all brilliant.

Plans for next week include:

* one more run through finger knitting

* learning a knitting rhyme

* choosing the doodads I purchased from those popular culture out fitters over at Archie McPhee's and needles to glue them to.

I have elected to dye the needles different colors in the hope that having two different needles will both make it easier for them to see what I am doing and what they are doing.

* playing with an old Mattel Knitting machine I bought at Goodwill Industries for $0.69.

* talking about projects to make

Maybe I will have pictures.... but don't hold your breath, they may just be pictures of my kid's hands.

Something Squeaky this way comes

It's amazing how loud the squeaking of children's shoes can get. After recess at school k-4 came in just before the start of my first knitting class at school. A symphony of squeaking little feets. If I had remembered that my phone records sound I'd have save a snippet for you. I didn't think of it until just now though.

I decided to go with finger knitting as a start, because I wanted them to become familiar with the tactile sensations of manipulating yarn with their fingers, before they have to learn to manipulate two sticks as well as control the tension on the yarn with the new sticks.

The kids all managed their way through the slip knot and the 5 finger cast on and at least one stitch each. Some of them got it right off the bat and were anticipating the next step the whole way through and were able to help others.

They seemed to be fully engaged in the activity even if they don't yet have a sense of accomplishment. So cool. There is also the fact that they have very small hands. I had planned on making knitting needles with them in class in a couple weeks and have realized the size I was planning on is all wrong.

I'm looking for a some simple but cool first projects for them. If you have any suggestions let me know.

Also alert me if you find a rhyme for how to tie a slipknot.

In the dark

I'd love to know what velevet posted, but the content filter at work likes it not.
I know this because I completely failed to start on the previously mentioned credit check.

I did finally get the link to the online step though:

By Internet www.annualcreditreport.com By Phone 1-877-322-8228 By Mail Complete an Annual Credit Report Request form and mail it to the address below. The form can be obtain by either calling the above number, writing to the address below, or printed from www.ftc.gov/credit.
Annual Credit Report Request Service
PO Box 105281
Atlanta, GA 30348-5281

If anyone else is thinking of giving this a whirl let me know.

Uphill one shambling step at a time.

I'll be trying to buy a house this year. It's a hugely intimidating undertaking for me, I'm so sure I'm doomed to failure. Some of this is my own paranoia, but a fair amount is due to helping hysterical people get the records they need and the answers they'd like. They make home buying sound less easy than being lightly scored and sent roller skating down a greased ramp above a piranha tank.

The current sub prime news does not add to my confidence either.

I know what my experian score is , tomorrow we will be getting our big three credit reports to check for ratings all round and to dispute any inaccuracies. Big Fun.

After we get that part completed, I'll need to prequalify and get a real estate agent. I think I'd rather have a root canal. I's not pleasant but I know what to expect.

I think I may need a few stiff drinks before hand as well so I don't go off on any unstable crying /ranting jags. Only stable ones please.

I sure as hell never thought I'd be this old with this many kids, before I bought my first home.


I have never made them but I asked Nona and she appears to be game to try too.

Any other takers?

I'll let you hold "Bobster the Love Lobster!"